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Peak Properties, LLC Offers:

Ù        Over 45 years of property management experience

Ù        Expert knowledge of the property management industry and regulations

Ù        Competent technical knowledge of property management systems

Ù        Licensed real estate attorney services

Peak Properties, LLC Services:

Ù        Marketing

o   Design individual marketing plan

o   Maximize income potential

o   Coordinate presentation of property

o   Qualify prospects using industry approved methods

o   Provide relevant attorney approved documents and leases

o   Negotiate timely lease renewals

Ù        Property Preservation

o   Conduct periodic physical property inspections

o   Analyze property condition and establish value

o   Solicit bids from qualified contractors

o   Coordinate owner designated repairs and maintenance

o   Develop and supervise capital improvement plan

Ù        Financial Planning

o   Establish and track budget allocations

o   Maintain accurate rent or assessment collection database

o   Perform timely accounts payable functions

o   Distribute monthly and annual financial reports

o   Process appropriate evictions, POA property liens and bad debts

o   Retain comprehensive records  of property business

Ù        Communication

o   Respond promptly via telephone and internet

o   Resolve conflict and monitor compliance effectively

o   Manage daily operations with excellent customer service

o   Represent owner in negotiations

Ù        Specialties

o   Training for operation systems and Fair Housing compliance

o   Teaching real estate management classes

o   Speaking at industry seminars

o   Legal consultation

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